How to use "call test case" and pass variables

I have a problem with my test cases. Particularly, I want to call a test case (TC1) into another test case (TC2) and pass it (from TC1 to TC2) some variables. The first test case is used to extract an url from an xml whereas the second test case is used to verify a particular attribuite in the HTML of the url extract with the first test case.
I can’t switch variables from one test case (TC1) to another (TC2). How can I do that?
Attached the screens of the two test cases created.

define the variables in TC2 with a default value (could be an empty string) and when you call tc2 from tc1 use variables binding to pass the values (call tc2 with parametters)


Test Case 1

Map results = [ 
  "First": "Fabio",
  "Last": "Rismino"

return results

Test Case 2

Map results = (Map) callTestCase(findTestCase("Test Case 1", null)

println results["First"]