How to migrate all data to another computer?

Good afternoon, I need to replicate the environment of katalon studio, with all the objects and test cases that it has already created in it, in order to perform tests on different machines.
It’s possible?

You should learn Git.

Thank you Katsurayama, is the only way to do it? I thought you could install katalon and import the project like in the other programs…

or you can simply copy paste your projects

Hi ibus, can it be done that way?
Look in the options but I didn’t find how to do it.
It is simple what I want to do:

  1. install katalon on another computer.
  2. import the project and run the test cases created previously on the other pc.

for the project part, just copy all of them to a drive > paste to the new machine.
for katalon … just reinstall it and re-activate it. will just work

you may have to do some cleanup in the projects, e.g delete some .dot files but that is trivial