How to maintain oject repositories

I don’t know how to maintain object repositories better. Generally, we will record some testcase by katalon and have too many objects so if we maintain these objects will waste too much time. In addition, how to reuse these objects?

Hi KingZ

To create a better project structure, you can take a look at the below image to see what we name for the folder and object name.
By following the page object model, each folder should be considered as the page name and all elements that belong to that page store inside.

To reuse the object, instead of record or add the new one, you can use the old element that created for the test cases.

By the way, I think you will like this:

Thanks,I got it. Do you mean we can use directly old elements to create a testcase rather than recording a new testcase by testcase ?

Yes, in that way, we can reuse the element for multiple test cases, and if the element needs any changes, we need to update only in one place.

Thanks a lot