How to integrate spock framework and run the test script in Katalon Studio?

We are able to integrate the spock framework using gradle dependencies by adding below in build.gradle
compile ‘io.appium:java-client:5.0.4’
compile ‘org.spockframework:spock-core:1.0-groovy-2.4’
compile ‘org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-all:2.4.7’
Sample Script:
class SampleTest extends Specification {

def "Demo Scenario"() {

	given: "Start with pre-condition"
            // steps..

	when: "Check condition"
            // steps..

	then: "Verify expected value"
            // steps..


But unable to find any way to run the script directly from the Katalon Studio.
Please help me with the steps to integrate the Spock framework and run the scripts in Katalon Studio.