How to integrate Katalon Studio with axe - Web Accessibility testing tool for automating the ADA testing

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Could anyone help integrating Katalon Studio with axe - Web Accessibility testing tool?

Here is the link GitHub - dequelabs/axe-webdriverjs: Provides a chainable axe API for Selenium's WebDriverJS and automatically injects into all frames.

Any help

How to integrate axe tool with Katalon studio for mobile app accessibility

Does anyone have an answer for this?? All I’m seeing is Selenium stuff.

I’m hoping to make a test in Katalon to go to each page of the application, scan the page using Deque Axe, and get the results.

Hi our project is evaluating Katalon… and we are looking for accessibility options using katalon. Any info about it?



You have to pull the Deque Dev Tools binaries from the Deque Artifactory, Agora. Contact Deque for access account. Then install those libraries into your project settings/library management section.
I then instantiate the Selenium driver object initially rather than use the Katalon UI library (WebUI). I then use “DriverFactory.changeWebDriver(driver)” method to then allow use of the WebUI libraries.
The scan is then initiated and successful via keyword containing the same syntax using in Java Selenium which we were previously using.
Hope this helps
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Hi John,

I followed it up with Deque support and they advised access to agora is a pro (paid) feature. Is there another way to get the JAR package or similar to integrate Axe with Katalon for free?