Accessibility testing

Hi ,
I’ve been using Katalon studio for web UI based testing.Now I’m evaluting it to be used for accessibility testing. How feasible is it with Katalon?

I came across axe-core library for accessibility testing.Has anyone used it in katalon project?
If so, does axe library come as a plug-in in katalon. Is there any stable version of axe libarary to be used in Katalon.


Great question.

I’ve done some but it’s not ideal. If you’re heading down the WCAG route, good luck, you’ll need it.

No, it’s new to me. Thanks for mentioning it.

Interesting approach. Form a brief read of their github page, you’re going to need to inject the axe library at points in your test case. I can’t say much more than that without trying it myself (sorry, I’m too busy, at the moment).

I have to say this: it’s a shame Katalon never (despite promises to do so) added JavaScript as a 1st-class citizen for testing purposes. Had they done so, this would be a simple drop-in in the Katalon runtime.

You should use Playwright. It has a dedicated introductional page for the issue.

In Playwright, you will write all codes in JavaScript/TypeScript. With JavaScript, you will have immediate access to the vast range of Node libraries such as ‘@axe-core/playwright’.

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You can use Katalon for this - here’s some documentation about the axe-library and Katalon.

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What’s been your experience with WCAG?

None, yet, in terms of using Test Cases.

I’ve used browser plugins, most of which are “hands on” tools, very cumbersome and lacking automation. axe-lib sounds like a solution for that.

Using Playwright is a non-starter. I have my own embedded JS test engine if I need one. I want WebDriver and (hopefully, soon) WebDriver BiDi. Sincerely hope Katalon doesn’t miss that opportunity.

If I had a busting need to make axe-lib work, I’d get it working (I think you know I would) :wink:

As for TypeScript… :poop:

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I guess Axe/Deque didn’t read the WCAG sections on color contrast. :roll_eyes: FAIL

Accessibility testing requires a non-starter, doesn’t it?


This document suggests to use 4.4.1 version of the library. Looks like there are 4 Vulnerabilities in this version.