How to integrate jenkins job artifacts from katalon in allure report

i run katalon in a docker and trigger it in a jenkins job. as artifacts i receive .csv, .html, .uuid, .log, junit_report.xml
am i able to use one of these files to create an allure report in jenkins? (i’m assuming it would be the xml file)
if so, what are the steps for doing so?

In a Test Listener, @AfterTestSuite annotated method, you have a chance to see what files are there in the “Reports” folder. You would find, for example, the following files:

Reports/yyyyMMdd_HHmmss/TestSuiteID/yyyyMMdd_HHmmss/execution0.log 23644 bytes
Reports/yyyyMMdd_HHmmss/TestSuiteID/yyyyMMdd_HHmmss/ 2597 bytes
Reports/yyyyMMdd_HHmmss/TestSuiteID/yyyyMMdd_HHmmss/execution0.log.lck 0 bytes
Reports/yyyyMMdd_HHmmss/TestSuiteID/yyyyMMdd_HHmmss/testCaseBinding 128 bytes

Please look into the execution.profiles and execution0.log file. In these files, you would find all of the information that you would want to include in your “Reports”.

But you NEVER find JUnit-report.xml, HTML and CSV files in the Reports folder available at the timing when @AfterTestSuite-annotated method of a TestListener is invoked. Why? — Katalon Studio’s Base Report plugin will generate XML, HTML,CSV files taking the execution.profiles and execution0.log as input; and the plugin is invoked AFTER all of you Test Cases/Test Listeners are done. KS behaves as this. You can not change it.

So you have 2 options.

1. TestSuiteA creates a Basic Report XML file, then TestSuiteB that follows consumes it

See the following post:

2. Your TestListener to compile your custom report

See the following post: