How can i generate allure report in jenkins through katalon?

Current in selenium Jenkins test case build allure report I using, how can I do same for that too? only through XML file i can able to generate allure report

Are you using Katalon Recorder or Katalon Studio? It is possible to export JUnit format from Katalon Studio, which most system will understand.

I have the same requirement… Is it possible to generate allure report using the katalon studio generated xml files ?

Any update on the same as I’m looking for same requirement.

Hello Pranesh,

Could you please share your thoughts on how to convert XML file to Allure Reports. Am looking for this solution since a week.

Appreciate if you could respond/share the code on which you worked on.

Thank you in Advance !!


I’m generating JUnit_Report.xml using Basic reporting plugin. Then I had setup a jenkins job where in Post-build Actions, I’m accessing all the JUnit_Report.xml as shown in screenshot.

Allure.PNG1419x370 19.7 KB

Now if you execute your jenkins job, results will be displayed as shown below.

Allure1.PNG1920x662 61.6 KB