How to integrate Docker with Katalon Studio for Mobile Automation using Appium


I need to run Automation scripts using Docker in Mobile Devices [Android & iOS] from BrowserStack. Already we have configured Docker for Web Automation. When I tried to run my scripts using Docker, I am getting below error -

WARNING Test object with id ‘Object Repository/’ does not exist

But the elements are there in Object Repository. Scripts created for Web Automation is working fine, only Mobile objects are not detected. So I thought I need to add Appium image to my docker.

Kindly help me to add Appium image along with Katalon image in Docker

Attaching Error Screenshot below

Hi @kirthika.chinnaswamy,

Please check line 23rd of the test case MMX_ACCTest and show the content here. The test object ID should start with Object Repository/.

Even If I add Object Repository in the path, still it shows same error. Pls help me to fix this