New browser popup is not working on Firefox instead it opens new browser

  1. Click on hyperlink is leading to new browser instead of new tab on Firefox browser.
    Is this a bug? when this will be addressed ?
    We need to buy license, but observing this kind of errors is demotivating us :frowning:
    Katalon : 7.8.0
    Firfox : 83

Great. Everything is working. That is the default setting. Opening into a tab is a different setting/change.


This is NOT an error. Your AUT does not control how a user uses their browser. Crazy as it may seem, some people prefer new windows over tabs. Control of that for your users is not in your hands.

If you want to take control of the AUT in this way, lookup Desired Capabilities and find the setting. Pointless, waste of time, in my view, but it’s there somewhere.