How to have a constant row on test case and on the test suite level select the column?

how to have that ?
for example this table on test suite level

row/col | Carol | Mary
firstname|Carol| Mary
lastname|Gerber| Bolt
address|962 Mi…|5417 Barre.
city |Santa bar| Buena …
phone| 55466844…|545413…

each column represent data for the same user
I want on the test case level to identify a fixed row number and on the test suit point to the desired column
as you can see each row represent the same data type

so If I pointed to the carol column on the test suite level , on the test case if the test step about getting the address so I will identify (column filled dynamically from the test suite , row= 3)

is it applicable ?

help :frowning: any reply ??

How about creating a Global Variable that could be initialized in the @Setup of the Test Suite (as below) that could then be used to set the desired column (or row). Just ensure that you have the import statement at the top of both.

import internal.GlobalVariable as GlobalVariable

 * Setup test suite environment.
@SetUp(skipped = false) // Please change skipped to be false to activate this method.
def setUp() {
	// Put your code here.
	GlobalVariable.gExcelColumn = 2

all the data was in global variable , but the client asked to have a data file were he can control which user will be the x and which one be y

Well, have you thought of Case blocks or static classes or Lists? Unfortunately, you are held within the standard of Katalon’s IDE but it gives a lot of room to experiment.

I will have to think on it more and you have the question on the forum so others may help as well.

Stay safe.

What about using a different Profile to enable a different column or row? This may entail having to copy the Global Variables to each Profile but you could also have uniquely instantiated ExcelColumn and ExcelRow variables (whatever you want them to be called) which can be controlled for each run.

profiling needed to be use for choosing the environment
I need something dynamic , easy to identify group of test cases to use specific user and on the same run I can choose another group to have different user

You wrote you have a set of data in the following format. Let me call this “Column>Row format”.

Carol Mary
firstname Carol Mary
lastname Gerber Bolt
address 962 Mi… 5417 Barre.
city Santa bar Buena …
phone 55466844… 545413…

When I store data in a grid layout, I will store data in the following format. Let me call this “Row>Column format”.

firstname lastname address city phone
Carol Gerber 962 Mi… Santa bar 55466844…
Mary Bolt 5417 Barr. Buena … 545413…

In my opinion, the “Column>Row format” is terrible, the “Row>Column format” is normal.

The “Column>Row format” is so terrible that I can not look at it. I will shut my eyes.

Katalon’s Data Driven Testing feature assumes your data is in the “Row>Column format”. It is not suitable for the data in the “Column>Row format”. That is the worst match.

What a mess! This mess occurs because you have the data in the “Column>Row format”.

If you could change your data to the “Row>Column format”, the world will be far easier for you to live in.

Microsoft Excel will save you by the Transpose feature.