How to handle multiple downloads alerts in chrome - HELP needed ASAP

I could not able to handle the multiple downloads popup in chrome…
Even after setting the following in the Settings
" ```
profile.content_settings.exceptions.automatic_downloads.*.setting → 1
profile.default_content_setting_values.notifications → 1
download.prompt_for_download → False

Please help me to handle the above issue

Hi @kvthganesan005

I don’t understand your problem yet, please clarify. Where did you add those lines and what sources recommend you to do so ? Pictures and more verbose explanation would help.


I have set the above preferences in the Settings to handle the multiple automatic download popup in the chrome browser. But even after setting the above preferences it is still showing the multiple download popup window.


That particular alert is a security feature that is, as far as I know, impossible to handle with desired capabilities. I’ve tried every single recommended setting, as well as dug into the chrome prefs file to find a custom setting, with no success. You can check my post about it from a while back:

The only workaround that I’ve found to date is to refresh the page (WebUI.refresh()) between downloads, although this approach might not work for certain web applications.

Thanks Brandon

This is a horrible, irksome solution but I’ll offer it up and let you decide whether to use it.

If the browser is in a fixed position (e.g. maximized, would be good) AND you can predict with confidence that the popups are present, you could try using the Java Robot class to click on a fixed position on the screen.

Failing that, maybe the new CDP Plugin will help?

See also:

Thanks Russ Thomas. Let me try on the above solution.

I also encountered this issue, what I did is I added step for delay for each download.