How to download files from Chrome browser?

Need help to download pdf files from Chrome browser…either through Robot or with javascript???

Chrome browser downloads files automatically without prompt, doesn’t it?

open dialog by
Project > settings > Execution > Default > Web UI > Chrome
Add “prefs” as Dictionary with value
profile.default_content_settings.popups: 0.0,
download.prompt_for_download: false

スクリーンショット 2018-07-20 21.38.48.png

It is not downloading, this is how i am using it. Also let me know where i can set the path to download the pdf


I have tried this setting but its not working:


issue on the alert type


Please have a look at first. You would learn why the dialog “Downloading multiple files” comes up — for security!

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@kazurayam I am aware of it and I want multiple downloads . Also in the setting i have enabled it but its not working. It again asks with a pop up

I suppose you opened Chrome or Firefox manually and configured “Automatic downloads” settings. This setting is saved into the profile file for a specific “Chrome user profile” or “Firefox user profile” which you used during the manual operation.

On the other hand, Katalon Studio opens browser with different “user profile” which is empty. The “Automatic downloads” setting has the default value here. Therefore “it again asks a pop up”.

You need to find out a way to set “Automatic downloads” settings for the browser opened by Katalon Studio. You need to find out how to code it. — How to do it? The first thing you need to know is the name of Chrome property to toggle the “Automatic downloads” setting. Do google search a lot. I guess it may be a tough task. I do not know the property name.

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do we have any setting for this bz unable to handle this issue …

ok I will check that . Thanks

@kazurayam I’ve noticed that this does not work for Headless execution. Any suggestions for a workaround?

Removed this posting as still not working for me.