How to get the text of input field by Katalon recorder?

Hi guys,

I am a beginner of using katalon recorder to tesing a website, the requirement is get the text of a input field, like this

on the above picture, I want to get the text before these input field, such as html “id=money”, I want to get the text before it “转账金额”, how can I to realize the requirement?


For the object, id=money, have you tried to use getAttribute("value")?

If this doesn’t work, then you may have to create an object that has a link to where the text is located:

and then use getText()

Thanks for your answer, there are two questions:

  1. where should I use the command “getAttribute(“value”)”? because katalon recorder seems like not having the command
  2. when to create a new object? recording?

Katalon Recorder is based on Selenium. I gave you the Selenium command. However, the following video may help in your request.