Get the value of an input

I want to know if is posible to get the value of an input, I was trying to use get text but I am not sure if it is working because it alway get the value null to the input.
if there is another way to do that.

I have the same problem - just couldn’t find how should I get the value of the input. I tried to use:

  • storeValue
  • storeText
  • storeEval
    None of them worked. As a selector I tried using:
  • name=INPUT_NAME
  • //input[@name=‘INPUT_NAME’]
  • window.document.getElementsByName(‘INPUT_NAME’)[0].value (for storeEval)

The problem might be connected to the fact that inputs are initially empty and are filled with AJAX later. But I’ve also tried creating new test case and testing settings mentioned above on inputs with values already loaded, with the same result.

@“Luis alberto guzman”: Could you try with this:[WebUI]+Get+Attribute
to get the “value” attribute of your input object

@“Luis alberto guzman” @“Piotr Szych” webui.gettext(your object)

Sorry it doesnt work for me.

custUrl = WebUI.getAttribute(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/QA2_OBP_OR/SettingsInTransactionPage_OR/input_customUrl’), ‘value’)

WebUI.println('custUrl = '+ custUrl)

payerUrl=WebUI.concatenate([baseUrl, custUrl] as String[],


WebUI.println('payerUrl = '+ payerUrl)



@“Luis alberto guzman cristerna”: please paste your DOM element which you want to get text.

@“Balraj Alladi” Thanks you, that worked for me.