How to get text from selected column header from table

Image attached
plz give me a solution to select specific table headers
Ex: Like column header from 6 till 12 how can I select or get text above 7 column header…?


plz help on this

Hi, you can use something like

public TestObject thAtPosition(int i){
    TestObject th_i = new TestObject("th_i")
    th_i.addProperty('xpath', CondtionType.EQUALS, "//xpath of the table//th[${i}]") 
for(int j = 6; j < 13; j++){

Don’t forget to press Ctrl + Shift + O to add missing imports

Ok i ll try and let you know

here what should come…?
which xpath…?

You only have to replace this

//xpath of the table

Ok Thanx…!