How to execute test suites and collections with different users

I have 3 different user profiles, Admin, Loc manager and Acc Manager
they all have slightly different permission levels but the majority of the test cases need to be performed by all 3 logins.
How can I set up test executions that will run for each of the different logins, i.e test suite executes using the Admin login, then the Loc Manager login and then the Acc Manager login

Have a look at ChromeDriver - WebDriver for Chrome - Capabilities & ChromeOptions

By default, ChromeDriver will create a new temporary profile for each session.

If you want to use your custom Chrome user profiles (Admin, Loc Manager, Acc Manager) that you prepared beforehand, you have to instanciate ChromeDriver in a special way.

How to? ---- it is described in the ChromeDriver’s offical document.

Katalon Studio does not provide any support for instanciating ChromeDriver with custom profiles. You need to invent your own solution in Groovy.

The following is my solution:

You may want to reuse it.

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with proper tagging, you can parameterise in such a way that only those tagged for appropriate gets executed based on tags/roles

First you need to create 3 test suite for Admin, Loc manager and Acc Manager and also create a “test suite collection” under Test Suites and after that have to add Admin, Loc manager and Acc Manager test suite into “test suite collection”
Last, you need to add run with (browser) and profile and move test suites in correct order that you want to run.(order should be Admin, Loc manager and Acc Manager.

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