How to deal with Popups about saving credit card information


I am using BrowserStack cloud to automate testing mobile devices but I am using Selenium not Appium because I am testing a website.

I ran into an issue that when I checkout I get a popup from the browser asking me if I want to save credit card info, I can’t seem to close that popup.

Is there a way I can send to browserstack that the browser capabilities should block save pwd and credit cards?

Even better, is there a way I can access that popup - I tried using dismissAlert command with no success.

The popup looks like:

Thanks for any help!


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Any solution for this?

Hi @Yaacov_Silverstein, @mohanpattar90,

You can add these capabilities to disable pop-up on Chrome:

	"goog:chromeOptions" : {
		"excludeSwitches" : "disable-popup-blocking"

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