How to clear or delete text Katalon Recorder

I’m using Katalon Recorder to test various facets of a webpage. I have a text field in which I type a name (using typeAndWait) to make sure an onscreen table automatically filters down to just the records with that name. But then I need to verify that it brings back all records by deleting everything in the text field.

Have not been able to find anything online about how to clear text from a text field with Katalon Recorder.

I finally found a way (through trial and error) that works for now, but certainly there’s a more elegant way of doing this?

Katalon Clear

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@eric.oswald Well recorder is pretty restricted in commands like clear text unless you want to create your tests with that functionality in Selenium IDE and import it to recorder. Here is the list of commands in recorder.

You can always try Katalon Studio, which has more commands and retain the same functionality as the recorder.

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Thank you @eric.oswald for sharing this with us. Hope you could find things that work for your project based on @chen.lee’s suggesstions. Cheers!