How can I delete data from a website using Katalon?

Hello!! I did some test cases in Katalon and I’ve run them, so the data from the tests is saved into a website. I want to clean-up the data from the website, but I don’t know how to delete them by using Katalon. I don’t want to use the endpoints. I was thinking that I can erase them by a keyword - all the data that I saved into the platform, has the same name, I thought it would be easier to delete it after I run the tests.
Any ideas?
Thank you for your time!

Remember, KS is similar to you being in front of the website. If you cannot delete, then KS cannot delete.

For textareas and input fields, use: WebUI.clearText(TO). To my knowledge, there is no delete method, but clearing text from the fields is practically the same.

For checkboxes and radio buttons, use: WebUI.uncheck(TO).

For selects (drop-downs), use WebUI.selectOptionByLabel(TO, “”, false) (this will work only if a blank option exists for the element)

Then there are the web page’s buttons and options that allow you to clear data from fields.

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Delete a project
Open your team page.
Select Projects tool page on the left side to view all projects under your team.
Click on the delete icon of the project you want to delete.
Confirm your action in the pop-up by entering the project ID.
Delete an execution
In the executions table, click on the extension icon at the end of the execution row, select Delete and confirm your action in the pop-up.

Once you have successfully deleted the execution, it may take a little while for it to disappear from the test executions table.