How to check what validations are being done in the katalon basic report

Hi, I am using katalon basic report for the report generation, In my script I am writing my assertions as below

but in my final katalon report, the validations are coming as just “Verify element property value successfully”

Query: Could anyone please let know Is there any way to print in the report what is being exactly validated? like expected and actual values

Hi em, can you take a look at this question? Thank you em

You can not tailor the message emitted by the Katalon’s built-in keywords.

The following URL shows the source of WS.verifyElementPropertyValue() keyword. If you read the source, you would find that the keyword does not allow users to customize the messages.

What can you do? — you can create your own version of custom keyword which does the same but with different message.

You can create your own customKeyword as describe in the doc. You can copy the source of builtlin keyword into a groovy file (with its unique package of your own, different from the original, of course). And you can modify the source line #59-60.

            if (!isEqual) {
                KeywordMain.stepFailed(MessageFormat.format(StringConstants.KW_LOG_FAILED_ELEMENT_PROP_VAL_NOT_EQUAL, [value, retValue.toString()] as Object[]), flowControl, null, null)
            } else {

as you like. Then you will get your own tailored VerifyElementPropertyValueKeyword class with verifyElementPropertyValue() method.

I think it is unfortunate that all Katalon’s built-in keywords don’t allow customizing messages.

Your post reminds me of my old post 4years ago. See the following.

where I demonstrated a JUnit-assertions-like keyword design. It enables users to specify the message on failure.

Katalon Team wrote that they logged this post in their internal ticket base but it seems there is no progress.

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