I’m facing a weird and interesting issue with the keyword -verifyElementPropertyValue.
I try to verify a property value from the REST response and for some reason only the FIRST character of the
actual value of the field is read and therefore the validation fails.

For E.g.,
Srtring accountId = B000000
my response also has ‘accountNumber = B000000’

Now consider --> verifyElementPropertyValue(getResponse, “accountNumber[0]”, accountId)

this fails with an error saying :x: Expected element property value ‘B000000’ is not equal with actual property value ‘B’.

Note : I’m using the version 6.2.1 and my previous scripts with the same keyword are working fine.
Kindly help.

Hi @amohan,
Can you share your whole response?

Hi @huynguyen, I wont be able to post the entire response here but below is the part you might be looking for,

“text” : "{“accountClass”:“Estates”,“accountNumber”:“B000000”,“accountStatus”:“Active”,“accountSubType”:“NotSet”,…}

Hi @amohan,
Please remove the index [0] from your locator

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That worked. Thanks!