How to check if a button is enabled or disabled

Hello community,

I am new to automation testing and in my AUT, I want to verify if a toolbar is enabled or disabled.

In my test case, I want the test case to pass only if the toolbar button is disabled.

Any ideas how to do this? I know the solution is simple but I just can’t find it.

Thank you.

Please try Verify Element Clickable keyword

Hi @duyluong ! Now I am also facing neeed to check if the element is disabled (i have a number of grayed out input fields in my app which I would like to verify). I am not sure that ‘Verify Element Clickable’ would work since I need to check the input field, not a button. Is there any other command to use, or still ‘Verify Element Clickable’ will work in my case?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Alex,

Please try Verify Element Not Clickable keyword


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duyluong said:

Hi @Alex,

Please try Verify Element Not Clickable keyword


Works to check for disabled textbox… Thanks.

I tried the command verifyElementClickable but I get an error when I execute the step.

[info] Executing: | verifyElementClickable |

[error] Unknown command: verifyElementClickable

Thank you for your support