Need to verify disabled textbox

Need to verify that text box is disabled. I have tried verifyelementnotclikable. It displays element is clickable and test case got failed. Please suggest

Assuming the HTML devs have coded your inputs to the HTML spec, then checking for the disabled attribute might (should?) work. The question I have is, what does Katalon do with a boolean attribute? It’s mere presence (with no assigned value) means true.

From MDN:


Can you share the HTML for the text box, and maybe some of its parent elements? There is almost certainly some attribute that indicates whether the widget is disabled or not.

<input id="modifyHostsForm:idDnsIp0_0" type="text" name="modifyHostsForm:idDnsIp0_0"  disabled>

So what’s the issue? Use this like I said…

If you get issues, report back here…

Agreed, I would try:

assert WebUI.getAttribute(myTestObject, “disabled”) != null

Use the Verify Element Has Attribute and Verify Element Not Has Attribute.

how to validate text of a disabled text box in katalone studio…please help here.

need to validate if the text - ‘PCAR001 - Private Car’ is expected or not,
but somehow I am not able to do that since the text is disabled here.

You should be able to see the HTML how the box is set to disabled. If there is an attribute that is stated, “disabled”, then how about:

	"disabled", 'true', 10)
	"value", 'PCAR001 - Private Car', 10)


pLabel = driver.findElement(By.xpath('id("input_Product.PrivateCar")'));
WebUI.verifyMatch(pLabel.getAttribute("disabled"), "true", false)
WebUI.verifyMatch(pLabel.getAttribute("value"), "PCAR001 - Private Car", false)