How to change mobile sites to Desktop sites (Chrome) ?

Hello, I would like to discuss or get answers on this platform regarding how to switch from mobile sites to desktop sites. I’ve already tried several methods, such as adjusting the viewport (which didn’t work), changing user agents with JavaScript (either not working or I might be missing something I don’t understand, or the website may not handle it). I also attempted appending “?view=desktop” to the URL (without success). I want to achieve this without resorting to clicking specific elements (X and Y) on the page. Instead, I believe there might be settings I can adjust within ‘chrome://settings.’ Clicking on specific elements will be my last resort.

Thank you.

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Does switch to Web View work in your case? Or correct me if I misunderstood your situation

You want to switch from mobile sites to desktop sites during app automation or website automation?

I want to use desktop sites using app automation. Why do i need desktop sites ? Its because i am using web automation code and its working while using desktop sites. I want to switch the mobile sites to desktop sites. What i mean desktop sites is chrome setting > desktop sites. You can ask more if its not understandable. Thank you

I don’t know the real answer of your question because i still not test that method you’re given. I have seen your method, and i think its not working.
My situation is i want to do website testing on mobile environment. On Android itself, the object is not detected IF you are not activating desktop sites on Google Chrome. I don’t want to change my object, since its working on website as usual.

The new update is i try to do click using X,Y on our phone (i forgot the code of it). I get the X and Y value using our phone itself > developer mode > use code and input X and Y, but its so hard code since X and Y is relative based on phone. I still try to change and try new options if its available and possbile.

I was trying on your link. It seems its not working.