How to change Checkpoint database connection


I would like to use checkpoint feature, but in my multi DB environments, I cannot use global database settings, so I can only set DB infos at Checkpoint level.
Problem is that I didn’t found any solution to change it dynamically (as it is possible for DBData file) and I need to run test cases against multiple environments.

Is it possible to use variables or to change db connection of a database Checkpoint dynamically ?


We are supporting execution mode with multi profiles. It means we could run the same tests with different environments without changing the GlobalEnvironement. The release 5.4 is supposed to be available in the next 2-3 weeks. Hope that it will help to resolve your case.

I am having the same problem as Vincent above. Can somebody help me? Please see attached. Thanks

Checkpoint DB connection.jpg

@Stephane Blais _: _this setting has not been supported with paramterization yet, so you could not use GlobalVariable here. I will move this request to our suggestion box for further investigating.

Thank you so much for reporting.