How to call next data in excel testdata?

Hi Team,

My Scenario is, I need to do signup flow was I have to enter username and password, for entering username I have called from excel sheet. in this case, if the entered username is already registered I need to call next data(username) in excel sheet. How can I implement this?

i’m going to guess that the website displayes some message like “this user is already registred” ,you can check if this message is present ,if it is you go to the next line .

this is what i can tell you for now please provide more information, follow this guide so we could help you better

Ok done . It displays now “this user is already registered” is verified. Now I need to pass next username in the sheet when this message is displayed.How can I write functionality for that?

how are you getting the data from the excel file ?

have a look at this plugin