How do you create an object to upload a file?

Hi there,
I have been searching the forum on how to upload a file and I am not having any luck find a solution to my problem.
I am trying to do this manually and I have looked at
I understand most of what the image says (attached), I just don’t understand how to create an object for uploading a file.
In the image, what does the “Upload file” object look like?

Thank you

It is working for me like this

WebUI.uploadFile(findTestObject(‘EMT/No PTT/UploadBtn’), ‘C:\test.file’)

And you need to have that file located in C:\

Hi Kim,

WebUI.uploadFile only works on element with

input type=“file”

If you want to do file upload manually, you could try creating a keyword to simulate the file upload using robot.
You can see it here:

For upload file object you can use “//*[@id=“album_image”]” as i have seen for 3 sites and have found that for all the 3 sites this is available

Upload File = //*[@id=“album_image”]