File upload won't go through using UploadFile keyword

Hi all,

I am having issues uploading a file from a native pop up window to the page.

Here’s my code:“Page_evident_design_dashboard/a_browse”))


I’m wondering if it is because of the object that I am trying to upload it too. It is a link that you have to click for the native upload page to pop up. Please see screenshot attached. I used spyweb to capture the object. The click action seems to be going through.

Attached is the error message. It says it is unable to upload the file.

Thanks very much! Would appreciate all the help as soon as possible!


Can you try performing only uploadFile action without clicking the TestObject and also see if the TestObject is a input.“Page_evident_design_dashboard/a_browse”))

Hi @marias,

I had the same problem.

I used AutoIt scrpting to resolve my problem.

I can help you to do that if you still have the problem.


I tried it with out click still wasnt working with the uploadFile keyword. I used a robot uploadFile keyword instead and it seemed to have worked.


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Hey Hi , I am having this problem with mac . Can you please give me a solution