How do I use Katalon with Kendo Drop Down List?

I am attempting to use Katalon to select a drop down value (kendo drop down list). The following script shows the test selecting the appropriate value for the drop down:


as JavascriptExecutor).executeScript(‘$(“#SchoolYearId”).data(“kendoDropDownList”).select(7);’)

However, when the form submits, the validation fails as if it wasn’t selected. Any ideas?

The issue had to do with the value selected. While it looks like you can set the .select() to the value of the option, it is in fact the index. Passing a valid index into the .select() rather than a value that might be higher than the highest index.

That isn’t working. It doesn’t look like there is any pause at all.

JQuery is reported as ready, and the drop downs look like they select the values, but when the test submits (clicking the Submit button), the values disappear and the validation fails because no values are there.

This seems like it should be a no brainer which is really frustrating us as we attempt to evaluate Katalon as our testing tool.

Any other ideas?

Hi Don, please put WebUI.waitForJQueryLoad before your selection script to ensure jQuery is ready.

Here is my sample:




(DriverFactory.getWebDriver() as JavascriptExecutor).executeScript('$("#color").data("kendoDropDownList").select(1);')


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Hi, I have a question in this area. If I have 15 kendo dropdowns on the page do I need this statement [ WebUI.waitForJQueryLoad(30) ] before each dropdown select? Please help.

_I keep getting error “Cannot read property ‘select’ of undefined”. I have like 4 dropdowns to select and I used above technique but doesnt work for me. What am I doing wrong? PLease help.


Can someone help here please?

how do select kendo dropdown , if dropdown list can not inspect