Bootstrap dropdown selection or kendo dropdown selection

I have tried so many different ways to select a value in bootstrap dropdown/unordered list/kend dropdown. I also posted on so many related topics in forum. but I am not getting any response.
I used below lines and it worked to select 1 dropdown value.


(DriverFactory.getWebDriver() as JavascriptExecutor).executeScript(‘$(“#Submittal_SegmentId”).data(“kendoDropDownList”).select(1);’)

But when I try to use the same lines for all other 5 dropdowns on the page, its failing.If I have 15 kendo dropdowns on the page do I need this statement [ WebUI.waitForJQueryLoad(30) ] before each dropdown select?
_I keep getting error “Cannot read property ‘select’ of undefined”. I have like 4 dropdowns to select and I used above technique but doesnt work for me. What am I doing wrong? PLease help. here is the screenshot.