How do I store a dynamic data into a variable and pass it to another test case or test suite?

I need to store the dynamic data from my Mobile application in a variable.Using this variable I should be able to verify the dynamic data in my web application.

Can someone please help me accomplishing the above scenario.

Thank you for your response.I am looking at ways to dynamically set my global variable.

You can use GlobalVariables in this case. Just create your GlobalVariables, assign it to the value you want and you can use it across test cases within the test suite

You can use ‘get attribute’ or ‘get text’ and store the data in the ‘Output’ column as a variable.
Then later you can re-use this variable.
Not sure what you are trying to accomplish but if an element’s attribute gets changed dynamically during the test execution, then you can store the new attribute as a new variable in the ‘Output’ column and refer to it later when verifying values.
Simply by ‘verify equal’ you compare your expected result with this dynamic variable and see if they are identical.

However, if your locators get changed on the fly, then you need to read the corresponding section on that. Here it is:
Parameterizing Test Object

They have a nice article here:, so you can refer it