Store response text in a global variable

Good morning everyone,
i am new to the community i would need your help if possible.
I have an API which when executed generates a random ID, I would like to store this ID as a global variable, because this variable needs me to run another API which is in another test case.
I tried it in the way you can see from the attachments, but it doesn’t work.

it would be possible?

Thanks a lot in advance.

In my opinion, this is a perfect example of where NOT to use Global Variables. Global vars are meant to be static values, and should not change between any 2 runs of your test cases/suites. Can it be done? Sure. Should it be done? Debatable. There are better ways of passing vars between test cases where the lifetime of the variable reference is the lifetime of the suite; no longer, no shorter.

See my topic on how to handle this problem:

OK perfect. I’ve been using Katalon recently I was not aware of the fact that the Global variables are initialized with static data, as you well understood I need a dynamic data.
Now I try with the guide to see if I can pass this data.

Thanks so much for the support.