How do I merge a feature branch to the master using Git

Katalon Studio, Version: 6.1.5, Build: 3

How do I use Katalon > Git to merge a feature branch to the master branch?

I’ve checked out the master and tried merging the feature into the master but that did not work.

I’ve also searched the Internet for a solution but have not been successful to-date.


read this site

Thanks for your reply Timo , but I am looking for information about how to do the merge from within Katalon Git, so that I can share the information with our junior QA automation team. Do does anyone from the Katalon community know how to accomplish this?

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Git is git where it is.
Open your Git bash shell and navigate to your Katalon project folder where your git is
and do all tricks there

In Eclipse and Katalon Studio, everyone uses EGit to operate Git repositories. How to merge? See the following section:

Thanks kazurayam!

Exactly what I was looking for.

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To merge changes from a WorkingBranch to Master do the following:

  1. Click Git > “Manage Branches” > “Advanced”
  2. Checkout “Master”
  3. Click Git > “Show History”
  4. If required click on the “Show All Branches and Tags” icon/button
  5. Right click on the “WorkingBranch” and click “Merge”
  6. Push Master to remote