How do I automate windows file upload and download?

Hi there,
I am using the Katalon Automation Recorder 3.4.6 through the Mozilla extension.
Currently I’m trying to automate a web test for a new website my intership company is developing.
I have been told not to use Eclipse or any other coding platforms.
I use a platform that looks like this:

but I don’t know what command, target and value, or what order to enter commands to automate file uploads and downloads.

The problem arises when I need to simulate a upload/download and file explorer window opens and my automation can’t seem to manipulate what happens in the new window.

Please help.

Thank you.


Hey there,

Thank you for choosing Katalon Recorder. We have prepared a set sample on how to handle common action with UI Testing.

Here is the link to the sample on GitHub:

Feel free to post on the forum if you have more questions or concerns.


Hi Liam, thank you for getting back to me.
But I still can’t seem to find the right commands to allow me to upload a file on my computer’s local drive onto the website.
I ran the Test Suites in the github zip. folder and I watched the video. They show opening and navigating though tabs in the browser, but I would like to automate control over the file upload explorer window using the automation recorder without using eclipse.
Please help.

Thank you.

Hi @5155-vilva,

Please refer to below post of Patrick. He has a solution for file upload. Here is the full post that you might find helpful.

Patrick Groot said:

maria jose said:

I have the same problem.

LOG: [error] {“code”:-32000,“message”:“DOM Error while querying”}

You are using xpath… you should use CSS selector instead! :wink:



And make sure you’re doing your tests in **Chrome **since it’s not possible in Firefox.

Let me know if that works out for you…


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