How can my plugin listen for cursor or mouse events?

I’m building a plugin for Katalon Studio that needs to execute when the cursor moves inside Katalon Studio. Since this Katalon is eclipse based, I would need to use org.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI but it’s not available in the example plugin. I tried adding org.eclipse.ui as a dependency in my pom.xml but getting this error when running mvn clean install:

The following artifacts could not be resolved: xml-apis:xml-apis-ext:jar:1.0.0.v20230923-0644 (absent): Could not find artifact xml-apis:xml-apis-ext:jar:1.0.0.v20230923-0644 in org.eclipse.platform (

I’m trying to use PlatformUI to listen for editor document events. For ex:

// window changed event listener

Can someone help get this plugin working?

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I do not have much experience with this but Many well-experienced members of our Community are willing to help you. Looking forward to hearing from anyone soon.