How can i verify value of on graph who existe on Canva


How can i verify data on graph using mouse over.
Any help please!

The graph exist on the canvas:

<canvas id="pie-chart" width="672" height="400" class="chartjs-...." style="display: block; width: 672px; height: 400px;"></canvas>

Katalon Studio provides nothing built-in that satisfies you automagically.

You need to write JavaScript code that talks to the functions that renders the graph inside the <canvas> element. You need to write JavaScript code that asks the JavaScript functions inform your JavaScript of “the data on graph using mouse over” somehow.

You disclosed nothing about your JavaScript yet. So nobody would be able to talk about it.

thank you for your reply.
Also i don’t have code javascript displayed on html page.
when i inspect element i only see the code canvas on description

There must be a way to get access to the JavaScript code, but you don’t know how to get access to the javascript codes linked to the <canvas> element. Then you can do nothing on the <canvas>. You should abandone your original attempt.

You should inspect the full html and whatever javascript may be loaded by your AUT.
The tag mostly defines the id of the element and some pretty basic properties, but the actual drawing it is made, as already mentioned, through JS which reffers to the id set.

see: HTML canvas Tag

Finally I will abandon this test case, since I do not have code.
This part would not be automatable.

Thank you for reply