Chart validation

Hi, I hope someone can give me a solution with the problem I am having.
I want to do testing charts with catalon, I have searched but have not found a solution that helps me, the problem I face is :

  1. can’t capture the chart that I will test.
  2. validation of data displayed by charts with existing tables.
  3. validation of the size of the charts that appear.
    someone please help, i need a solution. Thanks


does anyone know or catalon does not support to do a test on a pie chart or bar graph ??

Katalon cannot test the internal parts of a canvas element – they are in essence scribbles on a screen. There is nothing in the WebUI API that can help.

However, you can compare the output visually:

The following post describes a simpler method of taking screenshots of an anonymous Web element and comparing the images.

You can take screenshot of any web element as Comparing Screenshots of а WebElement describes.

You can check the width and hight of the PNG image taken — you need to write some lines of Groovy script your self.

validation of data displayed by charts with existing tables.

This requirement is stated solemnly, but ambiguous. It does not describe what you can/should do. I would suggest to you to reword this sentence into something executable for you.

If you are interested in the behavior of charting software in detail, it is out of the scope which Katalon Studio can cover. You would want to test the JavaScript functions directly. To accomplish it, you need to look at different approach. Possibly you should look at unit-testing frameworks for JavaScript; e.g. QUnit.

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ok, thank you all for your reply and solution. I will try it