how can I send the command Keys.chord(Keys.LEFT_CONTROL) for the entire page


how can I send the command Keys.chord(Keys.LEFT_CONTROL) for the entire page and not for a specific item


If you think about this from a user’s perspective, what do they do? Do they land on the page and issue a single Ctrl key? Does that work? Or do they need to give focus first to a specific element first? Does the page force the focus to a specific element?

Think of your testing code as a dumb robot. Make it do as closely as you can, exactly what a user would do. If it works, great, you succeeded. If it doesn’t work… now you maybe have to do things a little differently. But to advise you further, I’d need to know how the key handling code is wired up on the page. For example, perhaps there’s a key handler attached to the BODY element which catches the Ctrl key. Maybe it’s somewhere else…

I’m intrigued to know what happens when the Ctrl key is sent to the page – normally, a solitary Ctrl key is ignored.


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i need to send the click on the xpath = ‘/html/body’


But it answer me: “cannot focus on element”


new Actions(DriverFactory.getWebDriver()).keyDown(Keys.LEFT_CONTROL).keyUp(Keys.LEFT_CONTROL);


Friend I am attempting to computerize is (Control) + (Alt) and then (Double tap). This is the code I have, yet I have attempted different varieties Best Essay Writing Services Uk utilizing Send Keys rather than Key Down. I realize that no less than one of the keys is being pushed on the page in light of the fact that the content inside the component features.



The problem here is that currently Element Send Keys doesn’t handle the NULL key. For my dissertation help website I am looking for the solution too.