Send keys CONTROL command does not work

Can somebody help, please :slight_smile: I am having troubles with send keys command but only WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(testObject), Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL, ‘a’))
Katalon has stopped accepting my Keys.CONTROL command all of a sudden, it worked perfectly for a year or so but now does not :frowning:

I get no errors . Seems only “a” is passed CONTROL is not accepted at all and in the UI I see that it does not do the “Select all” command, only passes “a” to the input field

Maybe you need to insert a “wait” or “delay” statement after your Control + A command to allow time for your system to respond. Assuming nothing has changed in your environment, it may be that your system was just spending time on another behind-the-scene task.

What it strange that it works perfectly on Chromium Edge, on Chrome it is not the case :frowning: