How can I ignore page height for the visual testing to match with existing baseline

When running my visual testing all my screenshots go to U (Unresolved) because of different page height.
So all baseline marked as Missing, all my screenshots are marked as New.
I have to manually review them and then mark all as pass to update the baseline collection.
Can I ignore the page height so it can still compare if the two have the same width?
I feel like the AI is not scrolling the page to the very bottom this time or considers the height.

Can anyone please support?

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Hello, I have the following setup for window size

but this is ignored when I am running a test suite collection and my screenshots are 3570x10083 (although I can see by how the components look it is 1440px wide)

This did not happen before.
I even added a ‘Set View Port Size’ on the test case level: