how can i get the free version

I have a question , I want to download the free version, where can I find the installation package?
My computer used to download and use the free version, but now due to some reasons, the computer has to upgrade,
after the upgrade I go to the official website to download and continue to use the new version,
but I can’t find the free version of the installation package, what should I do?
(plus :I copied the previous version to the current environment and it shows that the version is too low.)

If you know the ways that I can get the free version, please tell me,

Thank you

If by free you mean latest 6.x… this will no longer activate since it is deprecated, no matter if existing or new user.
Simply use the last version, without a licence it will switch to free, disabling enterprise features

Download any version and use it without license

Go to

Look for option : “Try Katalon for Free” . Click on that.

Now you will see “Download Studio”

Click this option and download the free version as per your OS

Please reply on this thread if you are still not able to locate the download option