Download site for previos versions

I want to download Katalon Stduio 5.7.0
Where can I download it?

@Katalon Team,

Please provided a fixed URL from which we can download previous deliverables.


Hi kazurayam,

Katalon team received your suggestion and we will discuss to help Katalon better. However, now we think you should follow this guide to download older versions:



Go to Katalon Download page to get Katalon Studio. A suitable version to your system will be automatically detected and recommended for download. However, you can also select your preferred version on the page. Before diving further into automation testing, check out the System Requirements needed to run Katalon Studio.

Download older versions

In case you want to download older versions of Katalon Studio, please adjust the download link to follows the format below:

Where x.x.x is the Katalon Studio version. For example, you want to download Katalon Studio 5.4.2:

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OK, I understand it.

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