How can i call another test case within a test case in Katalon recorder

I want to use one of the existing test case in my another test case in katalon recorder browser plugin(like run command in selenium IDE). How can i do that?

Hi I’m afraid it’s cannot be done right now :frowning:.

I also want to, for example, call Test Case B from Test Case A. Because that feature is apparently unavailable (not available) in Katalon Recorder I suppose to use that feature I would need to use Katalon Studio. Right?

To be sure I am being clear, this what I mean by “call Test Case B from Test Case A”…


this YouTube video

Katalon Studio | How to refer and reuse Test Case | Call Test Case

Open a test case in Manual view, then select option to add Call Test Case from command toolbar.
The Test Case Browser dialog which shows all existing test cases within the project will be displayed.

Opening it in “Manual View” implies to go from Katalon Recorder to Katalon Studio, but then there is no way back (at least I have not found how to do it). These cause that we are not able to export then to other language like python. So, does Katalon Studio have the ability to export to python?