How can I add a step to verify what version of Magento is being used?

I have a requirement for a test case to verify that the site is running the correct version of Magento. How can I pull that information from the site so I can add a step that compares it to the expected version?

Thank you!

How do you check the version manually ?

That’s a great question and I don’t know the answer! So I suppose that question is part of this one.

Ive never used Magento so bear with me, found this on Google. Does that work ?

  1. Log into your Magento Admin Backend.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page in the Magento Admin Footer. The version number can be found in the center of the footer.

Thank you! That is verifying it in the CMS, however I am hoping to verify it on the actual web application if that’s possible.

I have no idea, i guess thats something you will have to find out as i dont have access to your AUT. If its an integration and the version number is stored in database then you could do a sql query, pull the value and cross check it with a hard coded value of the version you expect (all speculation as i have no idea how it works and have never used your application)

If your AUT is public then i could have a little look around to see how it works

@jpalmer I found these tips using Google, This might help ?

Thank you so much, /magento_version is a perfect solution and so simple!

Sorry everyone, I asked for this to be reopened because /magento_version only shows 2.3, not the patch, e.g. 2.3.2xxx

@jpalmer I think the best way would be to reach out to the Magento team and ask if there is a way that version with patch number can be verified?

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Thank you, you may be right. It sounds like the full number is not public-facing, so the only alternative is to verify by logging into the CMS, which doesn’t exactly fit the requirement but is probably the best I can do.

@jpalmer Does the CMS publish patch number?

But if you have access to Server where magento is running then as per the article I shared you can do so using command line. Katalon won’t be able to do that for you. I am not sure but if there is an API that can tell you the same would be good approach too.We are not using Magento but using Shopify and can do a bunch of verification by just calling Shopify API within the test.

The CMS footer has the patch number as shown in @hpulsford’s comment. I think that’s going to have to do, I was just not sure about how to get Katalon to get through the security on our CMS login.

I don’t have any API testing experience so that may be more complicated and time-consuming than using the CMS if it ends up being feasible, but I will keep that in mind!