How are Proxy settings applied for web service testing?


I have some questions regarding proxy settings when sending web service request. I am not sure if I am doing things right (Katalon 7.5.5).

I want to have a test case doing both web ui and web service request on the same url, on a specific company internal domain name, behind company proxy

Case 1:
I set up my company proxy in Katalon Preferences → proxy system. Namely my proxy adress, port, authentication et exclustion list with said internal domain.

  • When I use a Web keyword to open internal domain contained in my exclusion list, proxy is then by passed alright, receving a 401 status code (expected)
  • When I user a Web service keyword to send request on extact same url, proxy does not seem to be bypassed, receiving a 503 status code from proxy

Case 2:
I use ProxyInformation class to setup same proxy explicitly in RequestOject before sending it
Result is the same: proxy is not bypassed when send Web service request

Case 3:
I setup NO PROXY in katalon preferences
WebUI and Web service behave as expected, WebUi and Web service request both returns 401

Could someone please shed some light on why I am observing what seems like bad behavior ?


Hi Laurent,

Did you find any solution to this?
In my case i have two different api’s. One api works with proxy and other not. I was trying to use the requestObject to set the proxy for one api but it’s not working for me.