Hitting + sign starts the entry of a new Variable in Variables tab

hitting + sign starts the entry of a new Variable in Variables tab



Thank you for letting us know your request. It will be better if you can provide us with the impact of each of your requests so that we can better investigate it. Thank you!


Hi @valentijn.peters,

As another member of our forum has mentioned, we noticed that you have created quite a few feature-request-related topics on our forum lately.

Going forward, we recommend you to consolidate all of your feature request and/or bug reports into a single topic so that our Product team, and other members, can follow and keep track of your topics more easily.

And, please also follow the topic template in the Bugs Report and Feature Requests if you can so that our Product team can better assess the impact and benefit that your suggestions may have on the Katalon Platform and other users’ experiences.

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Also, if a new Variable is added.

Put the cursor on the right spot, and select it like you immediately can start typing…

like so: