Help needed! same TC show no native popup window on yesterday, but shown today!

I successfully ran my TC - uploading file - and found no issue on yesterday then Go Home with no delay!

Below was window dialog that shown while my script run - Upload File.

But when re-run same TC again this morning, no code changed or modified. I found Native Popup Window shown as below.

Below was my TC test script.

Now I run my TC, I must over line the TC by closing down that Native popup window.

Quick questions

  1. why I found no such native popup window on yesterday?
  2. how to resolve this issue, otherwise my work struck?

Thanks in advance for all helps and comments here :slight_smile:

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I found this reference with suggestion: Solving Pop-up dialog issue with Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs. Please take a look


Hi @Elly_Tran, thanks a lot for your guideline. But curious to know, I that native popup window didn’t shown while running on yesterday?

Are you absolutely sure you aren’t interacting with the “Browse” button in that modal in some way (clicking, sending keys, etc.). From your script it appears not, but wanted to be sure.

Hi @Brandon_Hein, on my script, I intend to show my script only. Pls. ignore the progress summary. You’re correct I do interact with the ‘X’ button to close modal and click ‘Import’ then my progress summary shown ‘Passed’.

sorry for confusing team.

@Brandon_Hein here was test case that failed,

Katalon should fail at step#11 - upload file that Native popup window shown but it failed at step#15 instead.

Instead of the uploadFile() method, try using sendKeys(). See this article for more information: How to Handle File Uploads in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

Along with your WebUI.waitForElementVisible(findTestObject(...), 2) can I also suggest adding on the line above, WebUI.waitForPageLoad(10) whenever you move from one page to another. See if that gives you more symmetry in your test scripts, especially if you are only using WebUI.delay(1) as your timer.

WebUI.waitForElementVisible(findTestObject(...), 2)

@grylion54 Noted, I’ll try to add and test WebUI.waitForPageLoad(10) per your suggestion. Test result will be provided soon.

Hi @Brandon_Hein, I switch from Upload File to Send Keys. I still found Open Popup Window. I don’t know why that popup window shown. On Tuesday, I found no popup window (prior going home), tests passed. On Wednesday, I found that popup window…