How to upload file from system in katalon

Hi all need to upload a file from my system to application. This is native windows dialog ‘open’. I searched and saw switch to window but still not able to focus . Used autoit but still same issue . Can anyone help me

Hello @shilpa.wadhwa
Please , you can look below link.


this solution is not working. Its not passing the file path in the native dialog window.

Please help if anyone has a solution.

@kowsalya did you use the UploadFile keyword?

Give this a read:

Yes… But it is not working

No…I encountered This problem with Upload file WebUI keyword not working in all browsers.

Infact, I created the custom keyword using robtic framework for accessing the file upload pop-up which worked in Chrome and Firefox but not in Edge.

I don’t understand this response. The solution I posted is an alternative to the WebUI keyword.

OK. Thanks for your reply @Brandon_Hein. I’ll try those and reply to you.