Having problem running Junit 4 test

Runner class:

package runners;

import factory.PageTypeFactory;
import io.cucumber.junit.CucumberOptions;
import net.serenitybdd.cucumber.CucumberWithSerenity;
import org.junit.runner.RunWith;

plugin = {“pretty”, “testrail.TestRailCucumberListener”},
/* we have to glue scenarios with step definitions.
along to step definitions we need define here
packages with hooks and transformations
cucumber cli options:
cucumber-jvm/USAGE.txt at main · cucumber/cucumber-jvm · GitHub
features = “Include/src/test/resources/features”,
tags = “()”,
glue = {“hooks”, “mobile”},
objectFactory = PageTypeFactory.class
public class DefaultRunner {


I think that this Katalon User Forum is not appropriate place for you to ask this technical question. Only Katalon programmer can look at issues about “NullPointerException” raised by Katalon Studio product; we users can’t do anything about NPE at all because it must be a bug.

I suppose you should make a official support request to Katalon Help Center at

while attaching a zip file of your Katalon project archieved so that they can reproduce your incident on their side.